Hey, that’s me!

My name is Version 2Polly and in this blog I would like to share with you my joy of living to the fullest.

This blog is primarily about healthy cooking. All my recipes are free of gluten, most of them are dairy-free and many are also vegan-friendly.

I am convinced that what and how we eat has a huge impact on our lives and can heal a lot of physical and psychological maladies.

Also, I think that healthy eating is only a part of a healthy lifestyle. How we see things and people around us, what we value and what we think has also a major impact on our wellbeing. I think that it is in our hands to change the world by small deeds by showing more attention and care, being more mindful, patient and open-minded. I want to live in a world which is kinder and more beautiful and I know that I can change it only if I start changing myself.

I will be glad to share with you my favorite beautiful places from my travelling, my thoughts on how I see and feel the world around me and I would be very happy if you would respond and this would turn into an engaging dialogue!


Let’s make the world a more beautiful, healthier and more interesting place to live in! 





My life attitude: There is so much to learn, see, understand, to give and to feel.


What I am doing with my life: I am living in a beautiful city – in Vienna, Austria. Grew up in the cold but vibrant Moscow city. Working full-time in a very dynamic environment (sometimes much more dynamic, than I would like it to be! 🙂 ), passionate about meeting people from various cultural background. I am love with everything Irish and Green. Scandinavian design makes my heart beat faster. Version 2


My health journey:  I would call it “back to myself”. After several stressful years in my life, my body started to give me clear signals that this way it cannot go on anymore. I consulted a lot of doctors, but nobody could give me a good directory how to regain my health again. Thus, I decided to take things into my own hands.

I was always eating quite healthily, but still a lot of my daily food intake consisted of on-the-go lunches, caffeine and chocolate.  A few months ago, I switched to a gluten-free diet and tried to include more vegetables and fruit into my diet. Soon after, I also decided to limit my dairy intake and switch to plant-based options. I cannot say that I  have fully recovered by  now, but I definitely feel that I am on the right track and my body is thankful that I am now taking much more care of what I eat.


My passions: Design and dancing are my passions and I recently discovered how much I like to combine these two things while cooking! 🙂


I would also like to hear  from you: do you also love plant-based cooking? what are your biggest passions? Get in touch!